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2021 Budget Report

We are pleased to share this overview of the 2021 Budget announced by Rishi Sunak on 3rd March.

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Why should children learn about money?

How can you teach children about money and why is it so important? In this video Rob Gardner, Director of Investments at St. James’s Place, explains why educating children on where money comes from and how to look after it is so key to their future financial security.

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Happy International Women’s Day! (IWD)

As a passionate campaigner for equality and women’s financial and workplace rights, I just love this year’s theme for IWD: Choose to Challenge! The fabulous global initiative aims to remind us all that a “challenged world is an alert world.” This is a great way to reinforce the message that: “ Individually, we’re all responsible […]

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Wow What A Year!

I’m sure none of us would have forecast this emotional and financial roller-coaster when dawn broke on January 1st, writes Sheena Doherty. Now, as the year draws to a close, we continue to weather the storm of a pandemic and to deal with volatile markets triggered by Brexit and the US presidential election.   However, there […]

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Are you clear on your Tax Allowances?

Tax can be complicated, being sure of your allowances is important. This handy Tax card will help you review allowances for the current tax year (2020-2021) which ends on 5th April 2021. Please do treat this as a guide only and seek Professional advice before making tax decisions. If you want to check that you […]

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It’s Good To Talk…

Cleared out your clutter, re-decorated your home and taken up new hobbies during Lockdown? Many of us have found productive ways to fill any spare time but have you discussed your finances? Money can still be one of the great British “taboos” and we are often reluctant to talk about it to our family and […]

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Why is compound interest so powerful?

Why is compound interest so powerful? Rob Gardner, Director of Investments at St. James’s Place, explains how it works and why it’s one of the keys to growing your wealth.

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Pensions reviews for the over 50’s

Are you over 50 and starting to look towards retirement? The pensions age changed this month (October) to 66 for anyone born between October 6th, 1954, and April 5th, 1960. If you were born after that, it will climb again to either 67 or 68, depending on your age and may rise again in future. […]

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Changes to Normal Minimum Pension Age

Getting to grips with your pension arrangements can be daunting and complex – particularly when national legislation changes. Were you born after  April 5th, 1973?  If so, you will be affected by when you can start to draw down savings from your pension pots (subject to liability for tax). Sheena prides herself on offering clear, concise […]

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Managing Your Monthly Salary

Pay Day is a cause of celebration but what  do you do with your pay slip? Whether it arrives as a paper copy – or electronically – many of us just glance at the payment amount and then file it away without any second thought. Now is the time to change that mindset and paying […]

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